Global Warming

Global Warming is everybody’s concern. Climate projections indicate that average global surface temperature will likely rise a further 1.1 to 6.4 °C (2.0 to 11.5 °F) during the twenty-first century.

Increasing global temperature is expected to cause sea level to rise, an increase in the intensity of extreme weather events, and significant changes to the amount and pattern of precipitation, likely leading to an expanse of tropical areas and increased pace of desertification.

Other expected effects of global warming include changes in agricultural yields, modifications of trade routes, glacier retreat, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors.

Senate President Manny Villar supports clean, renewal energy.

Villar and the Greenpeace Solar Cafe

Villar and the Greenpeace Solar Cafe


2 Responses to “Global Warming”

  1. Jeff Id Says:

    I’m just traveling around climate blogs today. I have to say I don’t agree with your conclusions. Global warming, and cooling and warming again and cooling again has been going on for thousands of years. So many people are falling for the trap, its disheartening.

    My posts lay out the motivations of the world governments and the data they are using to support their claims.

  2. Koenig Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for dropping by. You blog is interesting. I should say your posts are comprehensive and it’ll take some time before finish reading them 🙂

    Can you expound more on which items you don’t agree with?

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