Sipag at Tiyaga : Links to Earning Money Online

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5 Responses to “Sipag at Tiyaga : Links to Earning Money Online”

  1. Josephine Cole Says:

    My husband and I attended 4 seminars on Sipag at Tiaga workshop with the hope that we we will be awarded the resources we need to start a small business.

    Please help.

  2. Efren Villamiel Says:

    Hi Mr President, I am so amazed how you help lots of people. I hope you can help me too. I already attended seminar for tilapia raising. All I need is for an initial help to buy for tilapia seedlings and feeds. This will be verry helpfull to me and for all my kapitbahay due to lot of them has no works and only relying in five-six (pautang).

    Hoping you can help us..

    Thanks ang God Bless!!!

  3. Cecilia Ortiz Says:

    I have not attended any seminar conducted by sipag at tiyaga but have started a small business. Presntly, I am in the food business, specifically waffle business. How can I avail of the assistance? Do I need to attend the seminar? Who shall I contact in Iloilo so I can attend the seminar?

  4. Bal Says:

    Visit Manny Villar’s official site and post your questions there.

  5. Lucilyn S. Ariola Says:

    Good day to you Mr. Villar;As i have noticed to your ads you can help manny poor ones.Iam here to ask favor not only for me but for all the residents of our Barangays. I think our barangay need one small pharmacy because it is too far to reach the town of San Jose and Municipality if Magsaysay.and since that medicines was the most needed by all people I just want to open small business to supply the generic medicines but as of now I dont have enough capital to start such business. I woulkd like to ask favor in order to start such business.Hope you will not neglect nor disapproved this kind of such proposals.I will assure you that this will help manny people in need. Hope to hear from you.Thank you..

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