Villar urged to intensify Sipag at Tiyaga (ST) program

ANGELES CITY – Businessmen and residents here are urging Senate President Manny Villar to intensify his livelihood training program in both urban and rural centers nationwide to surmount the global credit crunch precipitated by the US financial meltdown.

“Our banking system remains strong. The only problem is the possible loss of jobs from the global economic contraction that may slow down trade and investments. This makes entrepreneurship, therefore, our best grassroots solution to the problem, and Senator Villar’s ST (Sipag at Tiyaga) Caravan Kaalaman provides the basic strategic requirement for that matter,” said business leader Reghis Romero II.

“Entrepreneurship generates livelihood for the family and ultimately creates jobs as the family enterprise grows. The challenge is how to turn people from being job-dependent into becoming entrepreneurs. Now the answer to that challenge is the ST Caravan,” Romero said.

The ST Caravan is a livelihood training program for those who want to venture into business. It travels all over the country conducting livelihood seminars that are widely attended and appreciated.

“The caravan was inspired by Villar’s own success in conquering poverty through sipag at tiyaga (hard work and determination), which characterized his entrepreneurial journey from being a fish vendor in Tondo at age five to becoming a housing magnate, a big employer, and a highly respected public servant at present,” Romero said.

Philippine Star, 13 October 2008


One Response to “Villar urged to intensify Sipag at Tiyaga (ST) program”

  1. aila m. bautista Says:

    alam ko po na marami na kayong natulungang mga kababayan natin kaya umaasa po ako na matutulungan niyo din po ako na makahanap ng trabaho.

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